Marina Terschelling

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Experience the unique charm of the Terschelling Marina, beautifully situated on the edge of the Wadden Sea, in the Netherlands' only natural bay. This harbour is the perfect base for exploring the idyllic West-Terschelling and the rest of the island.

What can you expect at Terschelling Marina?

A Perfect Destination for Water Sports Enthusiasts and Nature Lovers

Whether you're looking for a peaceful harbour to relax or an adventurous base to explore Terschelling, Terschelling Marina has it all.

Furthermore Marina Terschelling is near the following sights: Nature Museum Terschelling (±600 m), Swimming Pool De Dôbe (±650 m), Lighthouse Brandaris Terschelling (±750 m), Kaapsduin (±900 m) & Museum 't Behouden Huys (±950 m).

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Werkhaven 1, Terschelling West
tel. +31 562 443 337 
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