Sailing on the Wadden Sea

Holland Sail offers multi-day sailing trips on the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea. This is especially for groups of 12-48 people on board ships of the oldest historical sailing fleet in the world. The fleet consists of no less than 29 ships. Holland Sail's ships have an open and relaxed atmosphere. Holland Sail's strength lies in the expertise of the ...

Holland Sail
Stationsplein 3, Enkhuizen
tel. +31 228 312 133
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Center for Nature and Landscape

This Center is a municipal institution. It wants to: - provide a clear picture of the nature on Terschelling, and the sea around Terschelling. - provide a coherent picture of the interaction between man and nature in the past and present and its outcome. - motivate the visitors in an ...

Natuurmuseum en zeeaquarium
Burg. Reedekerstraat 11, West-Terschelling
tel. +31 562 442 390
web. Website
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Riepel boat tours

Discover Terschelling with the Riepel! Complete your visit to Terschelling with a special boat tour! The Riepel takes you to the most beautiful places in the Wadden Sea area. Experience the serenity, the silence, the wind in your face and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Our boat offers ...

Cornelis Douwesstraat 12, Terschelling-West
mob. +31 653 856 325
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Lighthouse Brandaris Terschelling

The Brandaris is a lighthouse on Terschelling, and is also the oldest lighthouse in the Netherlands. The name is a derivation of St. Brandarius, a saint to which the present village of West-Terschelling was named in the middle ages. Some people think that the name is derived from St. ...

Brandarisstraat 2, West-Terschelling
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Wrakmuseum de Boerderij

Owner and wreck diver Hille van Dieren collects surfaced inventory pieces from the many shipwrecks around Terschelling. The museum is full of rarities from the period 1650 to the present. An exciting museum for young and old. The museum is situated in an authentic farm of ...

Formerum Zuid 13, Formerum
tel. +31 562 449 305
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Hooivak Agricultural Museum

The 'Hooivak' is an agricultural museum. The museum is located in our Terschellinger farm dating from 1889. The farming tools of the family serves as the basis for the collection, which increased by gifts by the islanders over the years. With this initiative, we work together to preserve the ...

Kooiweg 3, Hoorn
tel. +31 562 448 107
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The highest point of Terschelling is located behind the village of West-Terschelling. This is the so-called Kaapsduin. At this point is a transmitter house, which was used during World War II. It is 31.4 meters (100 feet) above sea level.

Duinweg, West-Terschelling
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Terschelling Marina

The harbor office is the heart of this marina. If you want to know something about this harbor you can ask your question here. There's also sanitary amenities, which are spacious and clean. There's even a number of computers ready for you if you want to go online. Here you will also find the laundry room, which is entirely free to use. In the cozy, indoor space are a few tables and there's also a ...

Werkhaven 1, Terschelling West
tel. 056 244 333 7
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Museum 't Behouden Huys

Museum 't Behouden Huys in het dorp West-Terschelling op het eiland Terschelling in de Nederlandse provincie Friesland richt zich met vaste en wisselende exposities op de Terschellinger geschiedenis, cultuur en zeevaart.

Commandeurstraat 30, West-Terschelling
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What is a nicer way to enjoy the nature in the Wadden-region than by mudhiking? Strolling through the mud on a way to an island... It's dangerous to go on a mudhiking tour without a guide. There are 6 organizations that have mudhiking tours. They offer all kinds of tours on/over the Wadden Sea. These tours vary in length, time and heaviness. We wish you lots of fun on the Wadden Sea...


All five Dutch Frisian Islands are wonderful to visit. On Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog you will always find the ...

Fietsverhuur Zeelen haven West-Terschelling

Willembarentzkade 15, West-Terschelling
tel. +31 562 448 165
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Swimming Pool De Dôbe

Zwembad De Dôbe
Sportlaan 7, Terschelling
tel. +31 562 442 257
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Puur Terschelling

Oosterend 39, Oosterend, Terschelling
tel. +31 562 449 487
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Karta Boardsports Terschelling

tel. +31 642 993 803
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