The main towns on Terschelling are West-Terschelling, Hoorn, West aan Zee, Lies and Oosterend. Especially the larger towns of West-Terschelling and Midsland are very dynamic in the summer months, with their eateries, chic French restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs. During the day, you can indulge in the cozy streets and their many shops. The towns on Terschelling have preserved much of their history. And many establishments will gladly let you try out their specialties, such as cranberry compote, pastries, limonium honey, ‘pondkoek’, fresh sea bass and samphire.



West-Terschelling is the largest town and the island’s capital. In summers, it can get very busy in West-Terschelling. Thus, there are many facilities for tourists. It is a pleasant town with nice streets, many shops, cafes with terraces, restaurants and a harbour. It is also where the ferry arrives. The lighthouse known as De Brandaris is situated in the centre of the town and is Terschelling’s most well-known structure. The square in front of De Brandaris is home to several good restaurants and an ice cream parlour. Near Hotel Bosrijck is a public subtropical swimming pool, called Zwemparadijs de Dôbe. Along a portion of the town’s coastline Lies the marina. A little ways outside the town are several camping sites and there are a few good hotels and apartments.

Oosterend, Terschelling

On the other side of town, close to the marina, is a large and wide beach, the Groene Strand. Behind the beach is an extensive system of dunes and there are woods. West-Terschelling is thus surrounded by nature and borders on the Wadden Sea. From West-Terschelling the Hoofdweg (main road) leads to the other towns on the island.

West aan Zee

Boomstraat, West-Terschelling

West aan Zee is located approximately 8 kilometres from the town of West-Terschelling near post 8, and Lies by the North Sea. West aan Zee is easily reachable from West-Terschelling by way of the beach road. The town essentially consists of vacation homes built on dunes. It is surrounded by many bicycle paths that lead through forests and dunes.

Strandpaviljoen De Branding, Midsland aan Zee, Terschelling


The second largest town is Midsland. It is located in the centre of the island, approximately 6 kilometres from West-Terschelling. Midsland was once the administrative centre of the island. Nowadays, it is very popular with young people. There are therefore many nightlife destinations. You will also find many nice shops and there are various restaurants. Outside Midsland are several camping sites.



Formerum is much smaller than Midsland and West-Terschelling. It is an oasis of peace and quiet. The town is located approximately 8 kilometres from West-Terschelling. In the town, you can visit the ship wreck museum and have a cup of coffee at the Koffiemolen. The Koffiemolen is a corn mill from 1876. Nowadays, it contains a popular coffeehouse. Formerum is located 2 kilometres from the Wadden Sea and borders on a forest.


Lies is a small town on the Terschellinger Hoofdweg. It is essentially nothing more than a few farms and houses. Lies borders the dune system of De Koegelwieck and is close to Hoorn.


Hoorn consists of a shopping street and several bystreets. The town is situated on the Terschellinger Hoofdweg, approximately 9 kilometres from West. Hoorn is home to four restaurants and two pubs.


Oosterend is situated close to the end of the Terschellinger Hoofdweg. It is a small town on the edge of the dunes. It borders the well-known natural reserve, De Boschplaat. At the end of the beach road, you will find a pavilion on the beach.