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To which extent can the military exercises of the air force arnoud Terschelling be heard (in the villages as well as the beaches and the dunes).

Jan (Employee)

During a few brief periods there is a training done the Dutch Royal Air Force in NATO exercise location around Terschelling. These exercises are held predominantly during the off season.

The training will be announced on the defense website well in advance. Whether or not the military exercises can be heard on the (tourist) beach, or in the villages on Terschelling has to with many different factors, including wind direction and wind speed.

You can find more information about the military exercises on and around Terschelling at: https://www.defensie.nl/onderwerpen/vliegbewegingen. For questions or complaints, you can also visit the same website and/or call the number: +31 (0)77 465 67 67

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